• New residents welcomed — Oct. 20, 2015


    Welcome to new residents: Diane Leonard and Carolyn Elder.

    The Society Place website is being updated to include current Newsletters and new photos.


    Regarding water pressure: 60 to 80 lbs. is preferred to eliminate pressure issues. Contact Bryan or Ted for testing with pressure gauges.

    Yard waste area is only for grass, weeds, etc. Do not dump any paper, plastic, wire cages, pots, etc. in that area.


    The Rules Committee met 10/14/15.

    Approval of proposed Rule #10. Compliance with Laws. “Residents must comply with existing local, state and federal laws during their tenancy. This includes federal laws concerning possession, cultivation and use of marijuana.”

    Proposed rule being submitted to The Foster Group for garage sales: “Society Place will hold a yearly community garage sale. Those scheduling estate or moving sales must first receive approval of the manager.”

    Residents are welcome to attend the meetings. Please contact Elizabeth Vanier if you wish to place an item on the agenda.

    The next Rules Committee meeting is 11 a.m. Dec. 16, 2015.


    Bunco days
    1st Friday — 1 p.m., 11/6/15

    Bunco nights
    3rd Thursday — 6 p.m., 11/19/15

    3rd Tuesday — 1 p.m., 11/17/15

    Coffee Social Hour
    2nd Friday — 1 p.m., Gazebo weather permitting
    Manager apologizes for not being available during the last few months

    Texas Hold’em Poker
    Tuesay — 1 p.m., 11/10/15
    Interested parties contact Bryan

    Miscellaneous: Manager and a resident attended a breakfast to benefit Pope’s Kids Pace, which was very informative. If you wish further information please contact the manager.

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